About me

I began to walk into my calling in 2015, using my talents and life experiences to teach women to be fabulous and to live with purpose.

I wear many hats but I am a true introvert who is constantly evolving.


I am a homeschool mom to a highschooler and preschooler and I have two on the autism spectrum who attend an awesome and life saving school for autism. I love that school!


I am a photographer, author and spiritual leader, hip-hop artist, and blogger. I love to craft, scrapbook, crochet, sew, knit- “all the things”… as well as read a good plot. My down time revolves around great movies- #teammarvel, music, yoga, gardening, and relaxing!!!!


As far as a career, I am a businesswoman and that involves doing all things related to running a small business, including being a life, health, spiritual & motivational coach.


LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT! Creating brings me joy.


I hope that my blog can help inspire you to do all of the things you want to do in life!