Knit Picks Options vs. Knitter’s Pride Interchangeable Knitting Needle Review

Knit Picks Options Review and a “vs. Knitter’s Pride Review”

I was very happy when my Knit Picks arrived.


Here is the info from Knit Picks website:


Caspian wood -Options needles

Oceanic waves of sea green, teal and marine ripple across Caspian – the newest addition to the Knit Picks Options family! Boasting the same strong and smooth layers of laminated birch that you know and love, Caspian shows off a sea-inspired colorway along with a distinctive emerald cord to complement its oceanic hues.


CASPIAN WOOD KNITTING NEEDLE TIPS and Options Nickel plated needles

  • US Sizes: 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,10.5 and 11 (3.50mm, 3.75mm, 4.00mm, 4.50mm, 5.00mm, 5.50mm, 6.00mm, 6.50mm, and 8mm)
  • 2 each of 24″ and 32″ lengths -purple cables all sets / teal cables for Caspian set
  • 9″ x 5″ snapped clear vinyl needle case, 8 end caps and 2 cable keys

Slightly cheaper than my Knitter’s Pride needles but with the same vibe and feel. Both brands are very recommendable for a knitter of any level. You also get your full money’s worth. I got the Knit Picks Options Nickel needle set and a few of the brand new Caspian wood needles to also go with my set. I tried these two out and pretty much got the same feel as my Knitter’s Pride needles but with the following differences:

  • Since I got the nickel plated Novas from Knitter’s Pride in the special smaller size, I got the Options in regular size. They are great- but I did notice that they do come untwisted a little more than the Novas from Knitter’s Pride. I can go almost 2 weeks without tightening the Novas. With the Options nickel plated- I got about 4 or 5 days before I have to twist them. Remember that this is when I test them out without my normal habit of tightening them ever so often.
  • I also notice that when I insert the key to twist tightly, I have a slight harder time tightening them. On the Knitter’s Pride Nova nickel plated, it is less slippery when I am twisting them tight to seal the needle tip in. The difference is not that much noticeable and could just be my head imagining things but I do think that because the Options tips are a little bit more slippery when tightening. The Options Wood tips do not untwist at all and hold a good grip when tightening closed.
  • They are also slippery in a good way- the nickel plated tips allows all types of yarn to pass with great speed. However, this also means that if you are new to knitting or find that your stitches fall off a lot, you may want to opt for wood needles. The options are faster than the Nova in my opinion. I seems that the Nova is more matte than slippery but I also love the Novas. I think that a newbie would love the Nova needles if they wanted metal.
  • The Caspian wood needles are the same as the other wood needles that Knit Picks offers in the multi-colors and natural birch. I love the Caspian and honestly it feels the same as my Knitter’s Pride wooden Dreamz. I see no difference in knitting except that if you want a set that features a different color for each size- go for the Knitter’s Pride set. If you like the multi-color look on all of the needles go for the Knit Picks.
  • I love that the Knit Picks has the size lasered in the needle than printed on like the Knitter’s Pride does. I feel that it is easier to read the needle sizes on the Knit Picks than it is on the Knitter’s Pride. The needles that I have been using from Knitter’s Pride already has fading on the sizes. The Knit Picks are very easy to read without fading.
  • The wood needles do not untwist. They stay on just like my Knitter’s Pride. 

The Cords

I have to be honest here. I prefer the Knitter’s Pride cords. Sad to say because I love the colors of the Knit Picks purple and now teal cords. But I find that the cord holds a bit more memory and does coil or loop around when doing my magic loop knitting than the regular plain old black cables from Knitter’s Pride. Someone said it may be because the cords need to be broken in a bit or because they are new, etc. So I will see if it still occurs a few projects down the line.

I also do not like that Knit Picks does not have a 16″ cord or smaller Nickel needle tips under US size 4 as the Knitter’s Pride does. I had to order a US size 2 in the Caspian wood fixed cord from Knit Picks. I wish that my set had a US size 2 or even 3 for sock knitting.

However, I have found- after researching online with other knitters that both company’s tips and cables work with the other system. So once my Knit Picks arrived, I easily swapped tips and cables between them and my Knitter’s Pride. So because of that very very very convenient feature- I was very happy. Now I can order the smaller Knitter’s Pride Nova tips and use any cord from Knit Picks and vice versa.

 Caspian Wood DPN’s from Knitter’s Pride

I also had to test out the DPNs. I am a lover of bamboo DPN’s- and prefer the light wood that is bendable. But I wanted to test and see if the wood DPN’s would stand the test of my usage. I am still 50-50 on this one because I really am a bamboo person. I like the design and color features of the Caspian color wood. I just still prefer the lighter feel of the bamboo DPN’s. I love them. I use Clover’s Takumi DPN’s. 🙂

Caspian Wood Fixed needles

I was able to test out the size US 2 in the wood fixed needles. It is great, however, I think for the smaller sizes, you should opt for the nickel-plated needles or the bamboo. I feel that if I keep using the wooden smaller sizes that I may accidentally break them. They just feel too fragile and it makes me scared to knit with. Great color, however, but next time I go for a fixed sock needle- I will opt for the nickel-plated Options.

The result

Overall, I give Knit Picks Interchangeables a 8.5 out of 10. It is almost a tie in my book between the Knit Picks and the Knitter’s Pride but what makes Knitter’s Pride winners to me is that they ofter the special shorter tips and the 16″ cord and that their cord is more stable or firm to me.

Would I buy these sets again? Yes I would, but I probably would not get the DPNs unless they are bamboo and the fixed needles I would opt for nickel plated for anything less than a US size 4. I think that for the price of $49-70, it makes a great investment for any level knitter. Especially the Nickel Plated needles. They are very fast. Just if you want a smooth needle without being scared that your stitches would fall off, then go with the wood needles from Knit Picks.

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